Random Thoughts

Billions of neurons fluctuate in my brain, random thoughts emerges from the void. Before these volatile sparkles vanish, save them in a cache to cherish it later.

April 19, 2019

  • Predecessors coin computer science concepts with common sense, in the end we learn common sense through computer science.
  • Time enjoyed is not wasted, we do need to engineer our life towards mental well-being.

April 18, 2019

  • If you cannot modify its source code, do not test humanity of its known bugs.
  • Life is about trade-offs, I simply cannot win them all.
  • We should tranform hard scientific problems to interesting game objectives and let players attempt to solve it using human intelligence, awesome HCI project!

Previous thoughts - no date available

  • Human is vulnerable; Human is despicable; Human is miserable; Yet human is lovable.

  • Intuition is more important than formalization. —EECS 376 takeaway

  • The world is not about 0 and 1s, it’s about don’t-cares. —VE270 takeaway

  • Do not reduce people to numbers — at least reduce them to vectors and matrices. —VV285 takeaway

  • The problem is usually not a problems until you think it is.

  • Solitude mind-twists get you nowhere. Talking to people is the only way you can progress.

  • You are no genius - genius doesn’t end up here. But you don’t have to be one to derserve everything had you worked for.

  • Only support vectors get to negotiate for a coefficient, the others just get a zero.