EECS494 W19 Showcase Highlights

Here are the noteworthy games I played on the evening of April 23, 2019.

Self-love: The Thrivening

2v2 game with a novel design, educational purpose and emotional appeal. Internal needs that are not met will turn into poison. External misbehaviors also makes poison inside. Gameplay builds a strong bond between partners to communicate, and the idea of self-love is conveyed and felt through that bond. People shout out what they need, making it a great fun to watch.


Probably the only single-player game. A music game with story cutscenes made by JI students, it is beautiful and creates a comforting atmosphere.


A 1v1 auto-chess game with simple rules and diverse tactics. An embodiment of the emergence that fascinates me a lot, this game is suitable for AI research.

Equinox: Security Breach

A 2v2 assymetric combat game by Team WolverineSoft. Interesting idea with diverse abilities, this game is fun to play and fun to watch. Also very well-polished.

Poseidon’s Treasure

Probably the only 4-player co-op game. Controlling different parts to steer a ship together builds a bond between players. (This is even better than Rekindle because players always stay together)


Cool cyberpunk setting, beautiful graphics and cool dynamics, impressive tutorial.